Spaceships by Kon Boogie @kon_boogie #hiphop

I saw a post about a new single from Kon Boogie on IG, so I decided to follow up with a blog post about a project of his called SPACESHIPS.  I've been focusing on taking architectural licensing exams (ARE's) so I haven't been blogging as much as I typically would, but this is a project that should be shared, so here it is.  I'm always in search of new music and SPACESHIPS is a solid project from top to bottom that you should definitely check out.

Kon Boogie tested his luck with a few group acts but decided to try the solo thing out, meaning he isn't a rookie in the New York hip hop scene and it shows in the music.  He boasts strong lyrical skills with light hearted skits tightly woven throughout this concept album.  The whole project has very high level of creative production with dope featured artists, including (but not limited to) Tash from the Alkoholiks.  The tone of Koncept's voice reminds me of Termanology at times, but his vibe is much more chill but please don't misunderstand my references to be comparisons.....just trying to paint the picture if you haven't listened yet.

The Music

The whole project shows a lot of versatility.  For example, I recently saw a post on IG of Kon Boogie with NYC style battle bars and that style of rapping is present on SPACESHIPS but then other tracks like  Lovin' Life couldn't be more of a west coast track.  The Finest follows immediately behind it with a rich boom bap track sound like it's off The Firm while Talk My Shit (below) is a mechanical futuristic banger that matches the motif of the project.  SPACESHIPS is an escapist project where Kon Boogie tells stories about leaving the planet and the experiences along the way.  Overall, there are dope vocal hooks, diverse beats and he even mixes in new trap tracks without dumbing down the lyrical content to appease hypebeast zombies and I appreciate that.  You'll find out on your next download though, so check it out!!  Listen to the full project by clicking here.

Link with Kon Boogie

@kon_boogie on Twitter/IG/SoundCloud


Labor Days @aesoprockwins

Labor Days, Aesop Rock, 2001

[audio:|titles=09 Battery_Labor Days_Aesop Rock]

From a long forgotten time in hip hop, this album remains one of my favorite dark hip hop albums. Let me guess....its spring and people want to hear fresh, new music. Right? Well, there's plenty of time for that. Labor Days is the album that is home to the single, Coma, which I featured on a time lapse video project called Wait Your Turn.

[audio:|titles=05 No Regrets_Labor Days_Aesop Rock]

As always, I mix in album reviews of older albums to vary the blog content and to also pay respect to the music that #inspires me on a daily basis. As I said before, Labor Days is one of my favorite dark albums. A lot of my artwork is dark/abstract and albums like this help break the mold. Aesop Rock has a book heavy style that is as unquestionably unique as the quality of his voice is. From the words he chooses to the images he creates, Aesop Rock really creates a dark comic book-like experience that ranks up with other classics like Liquid Swords, The Sun Rises in the East, Nocturnal or Deltron 3030

If you're familiar with Jeremy Fish, you may have seen the album artwork for Aesop Rock's previous solo album, None Shall Pass. Art connected to hip hop is obviously of interest to me and the friendship of Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish makes too much sense. As a side note, Aesop Rock recently released a single (Zero Dark Thirty) from his upcoming album, Skelethon. Check out the YouTube page to download the single.




Thorned Roses @JohnNY_UniteUs

Thorned Roses, JohnNY U. 2012

[audio:|titles=O.I.S.D. - Thorned Roses - 15 Lost In The Shuffle]

Thorned Roses, JohnNY U., 2012

Thoughtful planning, consistent direction, strong lyrical ability, insightful storytelling and high quality musical production make Thorned Roses a perfect way for JohnNY U. to introduce himself to the hip hop world.  For full disclosure, I designed the album artwork and took the photograph for the back cover/tracklisting image.  Regardless of my involvement on the project, I think it's clear why I support JohnNY U. and his music.  When you listen, you'll understand.

JohnNY sports a humble, laid back and down to earth disposition that's ripe with his Brooklyn/Queens influences.  I knew this from working with JohnNY, but that doesn't always translate to the music for some artists.  Overall, I'm impressed by how well everything came together on the project.  Thorned Roses features production from Jay Sentine, The Stuyvesants, Apatight, Marink, Hubert Davis, Kids with Guns for School Bullies, Fathom 9, Jay 89, Aeon, ehT. Mills, HP tha Hybrid, 3rd Degree, Lord Quest, J. Monop, Drastic Measures and The Produce Section.  I know of several of these producers, but other than ScienZe, I have some research to do on the featured mc's/voalists.  Featured performers include:  Charlotte Mishell, Noah Caine, Candice "Goldie" Wood,  ScienZe, Sammie Aye, M@RV3LOUS, Alvietron, Hoz the Lyricist, Teresa Taylor, J.O., Khid 2Che, Dollar Coffee and Annetta Rose.

[audio:|titles=O.I.S.D. - Thorned Roses - 11 East Riv 'Illn]

Since it dropped, I've been listening to Thorned Roses at least once a day.  There are 2o tracks and the album starts well and ends well.  Make sure to keep up on JohnNY U. here at  Make sure to download the album by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Thorned Roses tracklist

Download Thorned Roses  by clicking here.



Thorned Roses, 2.13.12 @johnNY_UniteUs

O.I.S.D. member JohnNY U. in collaboration with RA-NYC presents his debut solo project Thorned Roses. A 20 track offering focused around the journey in search for beauty,peace, and tranquility amidst rivaling conditions. This promo video delves into the inspiration, sound and overall creative direction of  Thorned Roses. The project will be available for free download February 13th.