Spaceships by Kon Boogie @kon_boogie #hiphop

I saw a post about a new single from Kon Boogie on IG, so I decided to follow up with a blog post about a project of his called SPACESHIPS.  I've been focusing on taking architectural licensing exams (ARE's) so I haven't been blogging as much as I typically would, but this is a project that should be shared, so here it is.  I'm always in search of new music and SPACESHIPS is a solid project from top to bottom that you should definitely check out.

Kon Boogie tested his luck with a few group acts but decided to try the solo thing out, meaning he isn't a rookie in the New York hip hop scene and it shows in the music.  He boasts strong lyrical skills with light hearted skits tightly woven throughout this concept album.  The whole project has very high level of creative production with dope featured artists, including (but not limited to) Tash from the Alkoholiks.  The tone of Koncept's voice reminds me of Termanology at times, but his vibe is much more chill but please don't misunderstand my references to be comparisons.....just trying to paint the picture if you haven't listened yet.

The Music

The whole project shows a lot of versatility.  For example, I recently saw a post on IG of Kon Boogie with NYC style battle bars and that style of rapping is present on SPACESHIPS but then other tracks like  Lovin' Life couldn't be more of a west coast track.  The Finest follows immediately behind it with a rich boom bap track sound like it's off The Firm while Talk My Shit (below) is a mechanical futuristic banger that matches the motif of the project.  SPACESHIPS is an escapist project where Kon Boogie tells stories about leaving the planet and the experiences along the way.  Overall, there are dope vocal hooks, diverse beats and he even mixes in new trap tracks without dumbing down the lyrical content to appease hypebeast zombies and I appreciate that.  You'll find out on your next download though, so check it out!!  Listen to the full project by clicking here.

Link with Kon Boogie

@kon_boogie on Twitter/IG/SoundCloud


Culture v. Power

Understand this......
There is no reason for you to prove yourself to anybody, except yourself.  
When the world talks about culture; understand this.....
It is not talking about culture.
It is talking about power.
The difference between the African cultures which have vanished,
and the European cultures which are decaying,
is that Europe had the power.
And that is the only difference.
It's not that Europe was civilized and Africans were not.
That's a lie
Do you understand that?
James Baldwin

The Fire Next Time is a hip hop compilation project focusing on police brutality through the eyes of hip hop artists and producers.  The words of James Baldwin are spread across the project giving historic context to racism in America from a leader that does not receive the credit he deserves.

stream The Fire Next Time on Soundcloud
download (for free) The Fire Next Time on BandCamp


Bleeds by @rootsmanuva


 Bleeds, Roots Manuva 2015

Bleeds is like an introduction to a new era with an unrestricted vault, but it's the perfect album to wrap up 2015 with though.  Roots Manuva cleared a way for creative music to follow when they listen. Gospel soul, Caribbean flare, hip hop lyrics, house music and a creative play between these seemingly discrete worlds make Roots Manuva unique to the US market because there aren't any others like him.  Could the definition of his name be a creative maneuver between one man's musical roots?......I would never ask a question like that to an artist but it is one way that fits this my current understanding of this hip hop artist from the UK.


I've been listening to Roots Manuva for years by way of digging for new music.  I even made a quick remix of a track he did with Chali2na last year because I started to experiment with remixing and beat making.

Bleeds is a relatively dark sonic album that fuses eclectic sounds with Manuva's signature flow.  Check out the interview below and make sure to check out Bleeds if you're craving creative hip hop music.


Bloomsday by @esbe88

If you've heard the two music projects I've put together, you would know I'm a fan of Esbe's music (BRTH A N8TN and The Red).  Recently he released a project called Bloomsday and it's something you should definitely support.  Bloomsday's sound is smooth, creative and classic.  High quality production gets Esbe thousands of streams on SoundCloud, but he has a perfect balance of familiarity and creativity that makes the music feel right.  The element of surprise comes from his ability to make it all feel new and comfortable.   I spent a few days wondering London, recording my experiences and I had Bloomsday on repeat.  Naturally, the video project will feature his music, but it's what Esbe's style of music inspires me to do.  Check out the project by clicking the album artwork above, download at BandCamp and enjoy!