Spaceships by Kon Boogie @kon_boogie #hiphop

I saw a post about a new single from Kon Boogie on IG, so I decided to follow up with a blog post about a project of his called SPACESHIPS.  I've been focusing on taking architectural licensing exams (ARE's) so I haven't been blogging as much as I typically would, but this is a project that should be shared, so here it is.  I'm always in search of new music and SPACESHIPS is a solid project from top to bottom that you should definitely check out.

Kon Boogie tested his luck with a few group acts but decided to try the solo thing out, meaning he isn't a rookie in the New York hip hop scene and it shows in the music.  He boasts strong lyrical skills with light hearted skits tightly woven throughout this concept album.  The whole project has very high level of creative production with dope featured artists, including (but not limited to) Tash from the Alkoholiks.  The tone of Koncept's voice reminds me of Termanology at times, but his vibe is much more chill but please don't misunderstand my references to be comparisons.....just trying to paint the picture if you haven't listened yet.

The Music

The whole project shows a lot of versatility.  For example, I recently saw a post on IG of Kon Boogie with NYC style battle bars and that style of rapping is present on SPACESHIPS but then other tracks like  Lovin' Life couldn't be more of a west coast track.  The Finest follows immediately behind it with a rich boom bap track sound like it's off The Firm while Talk My Shit (below) is a mechanical futuristic banger that matches the motif of the project.  SPACESHIPS is an escapist project where Kon Boogie tells stories about leaving the planet and the experiences along the way.  Overall, there are dope vocal hooks, diverse beats and he even mixes in new trap tracks without dumbing down the lyrical content to appease hypebeast zombies and I appreciate that.  You'll find out on your next download though, so check it out!!  Listen to the full project by clicking here.

Link with Kon Boogie

@kon_boogie on Twitter/IG/SoundCloud


The Impossible Kid @aesoprockwins #HIPHOP

It should be no surprise that I'm a fan of Aesop Rock.  He's the type of hip hop artist that can rap about drawing or painting and I buy it.  Sometimes artists try really hard to be the creative outcast, but most times, they aren't successful (not Aesop Rock).  Since None Shall Pass, Aesop Rock released Skelethon, a few collaboration projects including Lice with Homeboy Sandman and now The Impossible Kid.  The visual artists that created the album art for the last three projects were Jeremy Fish (None Shall Pass and Lice), Aryz (Skelethon) and now Alex Pardee (The Impossible Kid).  Album art says a lot about a project and I follow the work of all three of these artists.

The Impossible Kid was produced by Aesop Rock who has been developing his signature producing skills since I first realized he produced a significant number of his tracks back on the Felt 3 project with Slug and Murs.  Def Jux days had Aesop Rock rapping over El-P and Blockhead beats here and there, but if you've heard those projects, the vibes can be dark, sometimes melancholy and also heavy hitters.  The Impossible Kid isn't as melancholy or dark, but there is still a undercurrent of eerie sounds that make it a continuation of Aesop Rock's overall body of work while reaching into new directions.

Speaking of Aesop Rock's production credits, there is another project that was just released with Blueprint called Vigilante Genesis.  Make sure to check it out as well via the link below.   Vigilante Genesis EP on BandCamp  




@common on @SwaysUniverse reminding us of why #hiphop is culturally important

For everyone that didn't experience growing up in the 90's, it will be hard to understand how lyrics like Common's can open your eyes to the power of music and hip hop specifically at an impressionable age.  It can also be hard to understand how artists like Common can make you feel pride in what you can become if you are growing up listening to the majority of the popular music out today.  On To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar is doing pursuing the power Common delivers in the video above but I don't feel that he nails it as consistently as Common does.  Kendrick Lamar is the only new-ish artist that I can say has the visibility and ability to step into this elite level of black consciousness and creativity in 2016.

Since Common showed up on people's radar, he's been penning amazing bars of insightful lyrics in creative patterns.  I won't go on forever about this, but since the blog is called, this video featuring Common on Sway in the Morning is a perfect example of an artist that embodies what I seek in art and what I pursue my creativity to inspire.  Thank you Common.


Las Vegas Bvld EP @itsxmusic #hiphop #kidswithgunz

Man.  The video X dropped today hit me by surprise.  Since I first heard MyFwenz, I knew I like X's voice and lyrics, but this little EP and video impressed me.  If you want a few tracks for free, make sure to click the album artwork and follow the links.

I'm a couple weeks late on the project, but it's dope from beginning to end.  His voice and storytelling reminds me of Dotropolis (Chicago), but that's a compliment because I listen to Native  all the time.  I'm listening to the EP now and I suggest you do too.

Ronin @ra_nyc