RA started when I decided to do something with sketchbooks that were doing nothing more than collecting dust.  So I started a t-shirt line and lifestyle brand called RA-NYC.  Collaboration projects like photo shoots and music videos were the methods I used to promote the brand.  Since exposure is the most valuable outcome from these collaborative projects, the aim has always been to highlight all artists involved in collaborations.  Over the past few years, the work has transitioned from focusing on t-shirts to creating original content including music videos, original music projects and album art, amongst others.

I'm an artist, architect and designer based in Brooklyn and my work is influenced by surrealism, Modernism, hip hop, street art/graffiti, architecture and film.  I received my undergraduate degree and masters in architecture, but studio arts was my minor in college and I've continued to refine and explore different media while working full-time in architecture.