A lot of went into organizing RA-NYC's first photoshoot. Here are the details and the team.

Get artists, musicians, writers (graf), designers, actors or skaters to model the shirts (creative people) and shoot location shots in Brooklyn and the City. The idea for the shoot is that the ads could give exposure to the models work (painting, acting, music, jewelry, etc) by highlighting the people themselves. If you want an idea of the look/vibe of the shoot, just think Fader. Laid back, natural and maybe a bit edgy. RA-NYC is a t-shirt line that wants to promote itself, but also will promote anyone involved or helping the cause.
Behind the camera:
The photo shoots went well.  We weren't able to finish up all of the shoots.  We plan to meet up with the last couple models for the next RA-NYC photo shoot.  For various reasons, we have held off on putting the ads out.  We'll release details of that later, so stay tuned.

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