Today....Has-Lo, In Case I Don't Make It

In Case I Don’t Make It, Has-Lo, 2011

I have some catching up to do with Mello Music Group.  First, I still need to pick up Apollo Browns album called Clouds and Trek Life’s newest album called Everything Changed Nothing.  The album that reminded me to go pick up those albums is the debut project from Has-Lo called In Case I Don’t Make It. His own album explains the reason my memory sparked to pick up the other Mello Music Group’s albums.  A Prodigy sample says, “potential energy is easily made kinetic” on a track called Kinetic Energy. The sample inspired me to write this and of all these other albums.  It’s a cool, smoky album with laid back tracks filling this head bobber.  Kinetic Energy isn’t a track that you will hear in the club.  Ok, maybe not in a club but if you go to the type of laid back hip hop lounges that I love, you more likely to hear it.  I first caught Has-Lo’s video on Facebook and as an example of how much I liked it, I reposted it!  Did you hear me?  I REPOSTED IT!!!!  Just jokes……………

[audio:|titles=09. Forgotten Styles]

Anyway, boom bap hip hop definitely is back to stay in 2011.  Has-Lo’s album is a moody, introspective production that people claim can’t be made anymore.  A Philadelphia native, Has-Lo has a self conscious style that is at times depressed as explained through his lyrics.  Don’t let that prevent you from picking up this album though.  He speaks on it, but the whole album isn’t about it.  In Case I Don’t Make It is an example of life music in the sense that Has-Lo presents tracks that are low key, up tempo, depressed, happy and all things between that happen naturally in life.  In that sense, it’s REAL life music in the sense that he’s not selling an image of himself that compensates for the size of his medallion.  Not everyone wearing a medallion suffers from this disease, but many do.  If you understand what I mean, you know why hip hop is considered a culture and not just music.  There are people that dedicate their lives to their music and there are fans that appreciate it and follow it as it evolves through the years.  There are trends, but there is so much more in the music from year to year than the trends alone.  Also, the first completely American born visual art form in graffiti, dj-ing, an instrument created by this culture and a style of dance that did not exist before (B-Boying/breakdancing) hip hop.   Since 2008, I have been really impressed with the new talent in hip hop.  Has-Lo, Curren$y, Oddisee, Fashawn, Those Chosen, Jay Electronica, Black Milk, Diamond District, Scienze, Rugz D. Bewler, MosEl, Nesby Phips, Termanology, Statik Selekta, REKS, Skyzoo, Kidz In the Hall, Royce Da 5’9 and a clan more of new mc’s have stepped out and showed that they have what it takes to offer something to hip hop.  That doesn’t include all of the hip hop artists that have been innovating for over a decade.  So, when you combine all of the new talent and the veterans, you get a pretty good feeling about the quality of music coming out in 2011.  Funny thing is that if I turn on the radio, I quickly get a different impression.  But I’m a hater, so let’s just get that out of the way.  Artists like Has-Lo, represent our era well.  In Case I Don’t Make It is a great album that you will want to listen to when you are cleaning your house, driving to work, on the subway, waiting to meet someone, walking to school, or hanging out playing video games with friends.  It’s what many people call life music....retro.

[audio:|titles=04. Fiber Optics]

Has-Lo’s lyrical style is conscious, but not self-conscious, unless he's telling a story through his own eyes.  He tells it as he feels it without losing the beat.  He’s deep, as writers tend to be and I share many of his hip hop influences.  He tells a good story and he clearly can paint pictures with words.  It's worth every penny and megabyte to pick up this album.  Follow the links below or use your avenues to pick up the album.


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