Bleeds by @rootsmanuva


 Bleeds, Roots Manuva 2015

Bleeds is like an introduction to a new era with an unrestricted vault, but it's the perfect album to wrap up 2015 with though.  Roots Manuva cleared a way for creative music to follow when they listen. Gospel soul, Caribbean flare, hip hop lyrics, house music and a creative play between these seemingly discrete worlds make Roots Manuva unique to the US market because there aren't any others like him.  Could the definition of his name be a creative maneuver between one man's musical roots?......I would never ask a question like that to an artist but it is one way that fits this my current understanding of this hip hop artist from the UK.


I've been listening to Roots Manuva for years by way of digging for new music.  I even made a quick remix of a track he did with Chali2na last year because I started to experiment with remixing and beat making.

Bleeds is a relatively dark sonic album that fuses eclectic sounds with Manuva's signature flow.  Check out the interview below and make sure to check out Bleeds if you're craving creative hip hop music.