Noteworthy Classic v14.......Lost Boyz #tbt #throwbackthursday #hiphop

 Legal Drug Money, Lost Boyz 1996

How much different could the music scene be 20 years ago?  The Lost Boyz exemplifies these differences in my eyes perfectly.

First off let me say that I know that the lyrical abilities of the mcs in The Lost Boyz aren't up on the same level as the best of the 90's.  Everyone that was up on hip hop during the 90's knows who The Lost Boyz are though.  Their mark on the hip hop scene is a definitely there when they reached their popular peak when they hit #6 on the Billboard charts for August 1996.  East Coast hip hop representing their neighborhood (south Queens), focused on their brotherhood, having fun and loving the music/culture they lived in.  


Nodding your head is never enough when you listen to the Lost Boyz.  They rhyme on and offbeat so much that it makes you want to get up and dance.  Especially if you have the visuals in your head already.  They had their own style, told their own stories and they balanced it perfectly with their NYC style.  If you haven't hear of them, check out their videos and grab their project this summer.  It's perfect summer music with the summer tales of NYC.