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Innocent Country, Quelle Chris 2015

If you ask people that grew up listening to ground breaking hip hop of the 90's, they would probably list qualities describing Quelle Chris that double as what's missing from many of other artists out today.  Quelle Chris manages to be creative, serious, experimental, funny, chill and intelligent over dope production that's rooted in the musical generations proceeding.

Innocent Country is a concept ALBUM that plays as an album.  I could singles out tracks like Madness in the Oasis, We Want It Alive, The Ones To Watch, Nothing Moves, Murphy's Law, The Plan or I Asked God but soon enough you'd realize I listed 8 out of 12 tracks (including skits/intros).  It's a dope project that isn't going to be played in the clubs, but if you are looking for music to play for different speeds of your life, Innocent Country is for you.  It's life music that asks questions, takes stances, makes you love hip hop, bob your head and laugh.  You better believe I'm painting to it.

Innocent Country features dope collabs with Fresh Daily, Denmark Vessey, Cavalier, The Friends and Big Sen.  Check all of these artists out and you will see why Quelle Chris works with them.  Did I forget to mention that he's affiliated with Mello Music Group?..........