Music For My Friends, @Skyzoo 2015 #hiphop


Music For My Friends, Skyzoo 2015 

It's not like Skyzoo is a new mc to the hip hop world, but I wouldn't be surprised if some people didn't know about him because he hasn't quite broken past a certain level of recognition (for reasons unknown to me).  I put Skyzoo on the same plane as Elzhi and I wouldn't make claims like that lightly.  Since day 1, he's shown a unique style, narrative and he either has a unique ear for production or he has the right people around him.  My best bet is that his ear is refined because something is needed to accompany the time he obviously spends writing.


Music for My Friends is the strongest project Skyzoo has put out yet and he keeps improving with time.  Key guest appearances like Black Thought and Jada Kiss put Skyzoo on the level he deserves to be lyrically.  Thinking back to Beautiful Decay made me realize how much more Skyzoo has developed his storytelling and word play, but it also reminds me how high his level of mc-inc was when he started.  Another artist to keep an eye on is Westside Gun.  He's featured on the Midnight Mirauder sampled track above called "Luxury".  Westside Gun has a big presence and I wouldn't be surprised to see more from him in the near future.