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Nowhere, Duckwrth 2015

Lately, I've been both disenchanted with the hollow representation of hip hop culture in the media and reinvigorated creatively by the small group of very high quality hip hop artists that put out music in the summer of 2015.  Nowhere by Duckwrth and The Kickdrums was a big surprise for me.  It wasn't surprising because I was unfamiliar with Duckwrth's music, but I have never heard of The Kickdrums before this project.  I first came across Duckwrth's Ducktape project and I was obligated to reach out to see if he would be on the BRTH A N8TN project I put together a few years back.  I didn't catch wind of the Nowhere until I was searching through the ITunes Store for new music and there it was only a few days after it went public.  

Duckwrth stays true to his original style on Nowhere, but he seems to be enjoying himself more with light hearted tracks that are less political than before.  If I had to create a Conan O'Brien artist hybrid explaining Duckwrth's style, I would say he's like a combination on Andre 3000 and Corey Glover, the lead vocalist of Living Colour.  The Kickdrums production plays on current sounds/rhythms and mixes in rock, trap and straight hip hop, which is a dope combination right now.

The album is musically inventive and lyrically intelligent, but it's all in good spirits.  Tracks like Magic Bullet, Naruto, Nowhere, Unagi, I Got a Lazer and Now Here Outro are my personal favorite tracks, but it's a good listen from front to end.  The Kickdrums are a group that's based in Brooklyn of all places but somehow I don't know about them before this project.  After checking out their SoundCloud page, it's apparent that they are a talented group of musicians and they obviously make Nowhere unique.  I'll be checking them out more but Make sure to check out Nowhere!!!!

Buy Nowhere at the ITunes Store here.