The Easy Truth @skyzoo @apollobrown #hiphop #2016

The Easy Truth

Skyzoo and Apollo Brown


As if he hasn't been one of the most prolific and consistent artists out of NYC in the past decade, Skyzoo teamed up with Apollo Brown from Detroit for this dope new project called The Easy Truth.

The vibe of the project overall is smooth and chill, but there definitely a few bangers mixed throughout the project.  It fits more along the lines of a classic 90's style album than the new normal of a collection of singles.  Probably because both Apollo Brown and Skyzoo are laser sharp artists that have vision.  One track leads to the next seamlessly and the consistently creative rhythms from Skyzoo jumps on and off the RPM's perfectly.

Skyzoo represents Brooklyn always and the Detroit soul works as perfectly as other collaborations like Slaughterhouse and Random Axe (RIP Sean Price).  Don't let lazy people convince you that hip hop is dead because these talented people keep it alive.