Run The Jewels 3 @therealelp @killermike #hiphop #xmas #2016


Yes.  2016 sucked donkey scrotum on just about all ends, but music was not one of them.  There were a lot of dope projects that came out this year and Run The Jewels decided to quietly drop their new project, Run The Jewels 3 on Christmas proper.  I sat down at midnight to cruise around online and I saw that Run The Jewels dropped their project, and I accidentally came across it within 15 minutes of it dropping.  A Christmas Fucking Miracle......yes.  I said it.

Stay Gold is a dope banger that your grandma on percocet has come to love from Run The Jewels.  Bass heavy, dark, dope lyrics and flows is all you need to know.  Leading up to the release of the third project from this ground breaking vet duo, they collaborated on a track with DJ Shadow and posted a few loosies here and there, but here you go.  With features from Danny Brown, Trina, Boots and a few artists I have to do some more research on, the chemistry doesn't change drastically, but the music is so dope that it doesn't matter.  No videos to post yet, but here's the link to download it.