@common on @SwaysUniverse reminding us of why #hiphop is culturally important

For everyone that didn't experience growing up in the 90's, it will be hard to understand how lyrics like Common's can open your eyes to the power of music and hip hop specifically at an impressionable age.  It can also be hard to understand how artists like Common can make you feel pride in what you can become if you are growing up listening to the majority of the popular music out today.  On To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar is doing pursuing the power Common delivers in the video above but I don't feel that he nails it as consistently as Common does.  Kendrick Lamar is the only new-ish artist that I can say has the visibility and ability to step into this elite level of black consciousness and creativity in 2016.

Since Common showed up on people's radar, he's been penning amazing bars of insightful lyrics in creative patterns.  I won't go on forever about this, but since the blog is called, this video featuring Common on Sway in the Morning is a perfect example of an artist that embodies what I seek in art and what I pursue my creativity to inspire.  Thank you Common.