Nasimoto by D. Begun @nas @madlib #hiphop

A random post by Okayplayer on Facebook led me to this project last week and it's definitely something you should download if you can't get enough of classic hip hop material.  After searching for a minute, I couldn't find any relevant social media (Instagram, Twitter, website or SoundCloud).

Nasimoto gives the concept away in the name, but it really is a remix project of Madlib and Nas since there are no helium vocals from Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto.  There are 21 tracks which is unheard of from projects in 2017, but the tracks aren't from one particular project from Nas or Madlib.

It's a dope project and I would recommend it as a hip hop head, but the mastering of the project needed to be a little more refined.  Obviously Madlib's beats bang as usual, but they are too prominent and at times they overshadow and drown out the vocals.  It happens all the time and it's probably comes from D. Begun being a beat maker.  It doesn't affect the project to much because the simple combination of Madlib and Nas (or vice versa) makes the project a collaboration idea straight from the hip hop gods.