Lebbeus Woods

I haven't concentrated on architecture for a while, eventhough I work in the industry. There are several reasons for this but I won't go any further with that right now. I have an architectural project that I'm developing on and off for the past couple years and Lebbeus Woods's work had a huge impact on me. Because of Woods, I can dream of architecture and explore those crevaces that most people (and architects) would ignore.

Lebbeus Woods is a theoretician, architect and professor at Cooper Union in NYC. He is well known for his series of architectural landscapes while creating invasive, abstract and ruggedly high tech structures in the 80's and 90's.  He continues to work in architecture, but his work has shifted since then.

One of his drawings specifically was used for inspiration for 12 Monkeys featuring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Wood's image of a chair intended for interrogation/torture is both eerie and blatantly forward with what goes down in that chair.

A lot of his other drawings look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Invasive, post apocalyptic and canerous/parasitic structures latch onto a city and create structures that look alien because they don't look like anything else around it (or anything from this world).

For those that aren't really familiar with the architectural world, this probably looks insane.  These are theoretical projects that he creates through drawing and writing.  Very little is known about the architectural world by the average person on the street.  So, experimental/theoretical projects like this help push the envelope so people can think about our cities and buildings in new ways.