Noteworthy Classic……..v2 The Imperial Album

The Imperial Album, Flipmode Squad, 1998

[audio:|titles=02 To My People]

The Imperial Album fell through the cracks to unaware hip hop fans. It is one of the most underrated albums and it proves hip hop didn't die after 1996. I honestly believe people think it did. I was in high school that year and I remember a lot of amazing albums coming out that year and ever since I was introduced to hip hop.

Hopefully, hip hop culture will remember the good and the bad of 1997-1999, but The Imperial Album needs to be remembered one way or another. Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Rampage, Baby Sham, Rag Digga and Lord Have Mercy all were in sync (lyrically) and the production was crazy! The only mc from outside The Flipmode Squad to be featured on The Imperial Album was Buckshot, The BDI. We Got U Opin Pt. 2 is a track that makes you want to run some stairs because it's such a live track.

[audio:|titles=10 We Got U Opin, Pt. 2]

Busta Rhymes has energized hip hop for a long time and he's still doing it in 2011. His appearance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival proves it.  Personally, I think around this time (1997-2000), Busta was at his best. This is also the time that Busta dropped When Disaster Strikes and Extinction Level Event.  The Imperial Album was my intro to the rest of The Flipmode Squad mc's. Rah Digga has a really unique voice and vibe with a strong flow. Lord Have Mercy added his thunderous voice with funny punchlines. Splif Star had been along side Busta Rhymes for a while, but this was the best representation of his rapping skills. Baby Sham kept it simple, but real with his lyrical abilities and Rampage added another veteran presence to complete The Squad. It's like listening to an album from a championship team because of their chemistry and how well they compliment each other.  The product is a classic album ring that can't be ignored.  Respect!

[audio:|titles=04 Run for Cover]

[audio:|titles=06 This Is What Happens]

[audio:|titles=11 Straight Spittin]

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