March 2010-Next Steps

Ok.  Here's the situation.  RA-NYC was created late in 2008.  Most of the sales that I had were from going to events and selling shirts.  The next stage was to get a photo shoot completed, start to advertise and get an online store up and running.  Unfortunately, the company that hosted the online store terminated that service 5 or 6 months after RA-NYC's store was running.  In that time, we finished RA-NYC's first photo shoot.  It was a great experience, great people and it produced a lot of really good images.  The downfall was that it would be pointless to put ads out while there was no online store to send out orders.

So now, there is an online store that is working, high quality photographs and t-shirts in stock.  Also, I have joined forces with a close friend to get more things moving for RA-NYC in the next couple months.  The next steps for RA-NYC will be to sell as many shirts as possible, put out some ads, get the look book out, get the line carried in a few stores and to print more designs.  At this point, there is more artwork and designs for shirts than printed shirts.  Within RA-NYC, we have talked about making limited runs, with high quality shirts.  So, keep an eye out for RA-NYC in the coming months.