Higher Learning

Higher Learning, Fashawn, 2008


Fashawn's mixtape, Higher Learning starts off really well.  He remixed Fortified Live (by Mos Def and Talib Kweli from the first Soundbombing album).  There is only one other mixtape that really used movies for the backdrop to a mixtape that is worth discussing.  That is Jay Electronica's Style Wars, but I already wrote about that over two years ago.  Fashawn uses a classic movie from the 90's for skits to relate one track to the next he throws in remixes, samples and new material as well.  A good example of his new material is Freedom.  On another track, he remixed Kid Cudi's Day and Nite and features Cudi.  It's too bad for Cudi that Fashawn was on the track because Fashawn is more talented as a lyricist.  If you want to see more about Fashawn, I wrote more about him on his Ode To Illmatic album.  The sample that I'm using to entice you to grab this album (for free somewhere online), is Still Gettin Mine Remix (featuring Rickochet).  This song is a remix of Common and Sadat X's 1999, from Soundbombing Vol. 2.



Top Tracks

Fortified Live, Freedom, Day N Nite, Sunday Morning, The Far Left, Politics, Buyers Guide, Cold Shoulder, Still Gettin Mine and Beautiful Day.


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