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Through The Wire: Season 2, Kil, 2011

[audio:|titles=15 Go By Them Slow (Passenger Door)_Through The Wire: Season 2_Kil_2011]

I won't act like I'm an expert on The Wire, HBO's hit series.  I know the premise and a few character names, so the plot will fly over my head since I never really watched it.  I know good music when I hear it though and you should definitely check out this project that dropped on October 6, 2011.  The good part about this beat tape by Kil is that the lines from the show tell a story (which I imagine is directly from season two of The Wire) and if you watch the show, it's a bonus.  But, it's a good album whether you watch the show or not.

There are several directions that producers take solo albums and Through The Wire: Season 2 is a good example of one potential direction; storytelling.  Kil takes samples from The Wire, classic, dusty and vocal samples from hip hop albums to tell a story and feature his musical production at the same time.  Kil is originally from Philly, but is now in the DMV area (DC/Maryland/Virginia).  There has been a recent explosion of hip hop talent coming out of that area in the past couple years and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.











The general vibe of the album is laid back, dirty, gritty and perforated with bullet holes.  Gun shots and vocal samples stay true to the crime saga genre by looking to Carlito's Way, Ghostface Killa, M.O.P. Notorious B.I.G., Guru and  obviously The Wire for samples.  Based on the text in the above video, his goal isn't to glorify violence, but rather to point out how destructive and mindless it is.  I can definitely appreciate the message behind it, but I might not focus on it if it wasn't said outright.  The following track is a great appetizer for the full album.

[audio:|titles=11 I Got A Lil Proposition For You..._Through The Wire: Season 2_Kil_2011]

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