The Quiet Life @freshtodaily

The Quiet Life, Fresh Daily, 2011

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Brooklyn based mc/illustrator/graphic designer, Fresh Daily dropped his latest album, The Quiet Life back on May of 2011 and I also grabbed his previous project called Mothership Land at the same time. I wrote a quick review of his previous project called The Gorgeous Killer a couple years ago and I still get in the mood to hear the song Videogamin' all of the time.

Fresh Daily is now a solidified mc within the Brooklyn hip hop scene and has a strong affilliation with Homeboy Sandman, who has been getting more recognition over the past year and really caught my attention at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (organized by Brooklyn Bodega).  Also, he stays in Bed-Stuy, where I've been since 2006.

The Quiet Life is an album that clearly shows why people should pay attention to Fresh Daily's music. I know not everyone is interested in a touch of humility and discretion, but Fresh Daily's style is a healthy combination of cocky and down to earth humility. So, if you are comfortable with mc's not making music about other their necklace, here you go.  If you're not, then maybe you're missing out on different styles of hip hop.  You can expect songs to make you laugh too, so if you're opposed to laughing or smiling, you might need to look elsewhere.

[audio:|titles=Fresh Daily - The Quiet Life - 14 Impossible Dream]

This comes straight from Fresh Daily's page and it describes what The Quiet Life is about:

“The Quiet Life” represents the grand and fruitful escalation of an individual’s existence. There are by no doubt multiple stages. During these recognizable periods of time, the individual can be sized and weighed. While we do not all hit the same stages, facing the same moons, there is surely a recognizable trajectory in progression. “The Quiet Life” is that of an individual striving for excellence. It represents a lifestyle of sureness and preparedness in which your passions pay your bills. There is a very special stage of growth which we have come to name “The Quiet Life”.


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