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Recess, Sene, 2011

[audio:|titles=2. the gentleman.]

Flash back to a lazy summer Saturday night that took me across lower Manhattan hopping from one spot to the next.  My night took me from NYU to the LES (not in that order).  My first stop was Eastbridge where Sene and ScienZe put on a private show.  Each MC rocked the crowd after the dj's prepped the crowd by handpicking classic hip hop appetizers.  ScienZe started out performing a few tracks from Simply Aesthetic and Ode 2 Dilla and then Sene picked up where ScienZe left off and performed Recess with a live drummer and trumpeter.   It was a great intro to this project because Sene really did his thing in this small venue with limited space.  Regardless it made for a great show and I was glad to be a part of it.  *Update:  I was 100% in the dark that Recess is the group name for the collaborative work from Sene (mc) and The Clubhouse (band).

[audio:|titles=4. au revoir. featuring fresh daily & nicholas ryan gant.]

Mellow, thought provoking, fun and a true school, down to earth aura is the impression I got after listening to Recess.  Featured artists are Fresh Daily, Nicholas Ryan Gant, Blu and Don Will, but the 9 tracks all mesh really well.  Consistent.  He's one of the more respected rising underground artists from Brooklyn and you can see why with Recess.  He's affiliated with some of the most talented mc's from the area as well.  You'll end up hearing more about Sene on or from other sites like or as well.  He's definitely getting coverage by the major hip hop blogs, so it's only a matter of time before everyone else catches on.  Only thing for you to decide is if you will be ahead or behind everyone else.........