Winner of RA-NYC's Photo Competition-Devin Reinhardt

RA-NYC supports urban exploration and skateboarding is an amazing way to explore the city.  For that reason, a photo competition is a great way to show some of the places in the city that most people don't see on their way to and from work, school, loitering or whatever the hell you do during the day. The end of May (2010), we decided to host an online photo competition for skateboarders.  The competition was posted on Facebook, MySpace and  All that you need is a skateboard, a camera, some creativity and a city.  This was the first of RA-NYC's photo competitions and there will be more in the future.

Competition Description

Send us your name and your best photo of you on your skateboard and you could win 6 free RA-NYC t-shirts. This is the first RA-NYC photo competition, so stay tuned for future competitions.

If you don't board yourself, share this event with your friends that do and tell them to enter. When new designs are released, we will have more raffles/competitions, but this one is big because the winner will get all 6 designs currently available.


Devin from Baltimore, MD

Photographer-Justin Fountain

Thanks to Devin for his entry of him grindin after hours.  Keep an eye open for RA-NYC.  Become a fan on Facebook, friend on MySpace or follow Ronin on Twitter.