War Paint @kriskasanova

War Paint, Kris Kasanova, 2011

Kris Kasanova was one of the performers at Sneaker Pimps NYC 2011 and he brought a high energy set to the stage that I'm sure caught people's attention.  War Paint is the album that introduced me to him as a mc.  Kasanova is another mc that I found on Twitter and I'm constantly surprised by the amount of talent in Brooklyn, the planet, but in general as well.

You can hear crystal clear 2Pac influence in Kris Kasanova's flow sometimes, but he mentions and represents Red Hook (Brooklyn) often.  You can see his influences by simply looking at the track titles.  Legendary mc's 2Pac (Picture Me Rollin) and Biggie (Ready To Die) are two of the 14 tracks.  His strength as an mc comes from his aggressive, high energy flow that is best represented through the title track, War Paint.  Paying respect to the greats is a good way to start and earn respect and I'm sure you'll agree if you check out the album.  I checked out his videos after I listened to his album and I'm glad he released these songs as videos because I was hoping to embed them as mp3's for you to hear, but the files were too big for the software I use.  So, luckily for everyone, you can check out the best tracks (in my opinion) from War Paint all in this post.  Make sure to check out Kris Kasanova's album, War Paint on his Bandcamp page below and download it FOR FREE by following the links below.  Maybe you haven't heard of him before now, but I'm sure you'll hear more of him in the future.





















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