Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue, Madlib, 2003 Shades Of Blue, Madlib, 2003

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We're almost to the middle of the winter and Shades of Blue is a perfect album to compliment lazy gray days when there's not much going on or you just don't want to brave the cold.  As explained in the first track, Madlib uses recordings from Blue Note Records archive and was released on Blue Note as well.  He created an instrumental hip hop album that ranks up there with the best of them in the process.Shades Of Blue Tracklist

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The mad scientist, Madlib cuts together a great selection of blue jazz tracks that many underground hip hop heads are aware of.  At the same time, I imagine there are a lot of people not up Shades of Blue and a lot of Madlib's work in general.  If you find yourself questioning the new music you hear and you feel like reaching back a little, go grab Shades of Blue and if you don't like it, come back & tell me how wrong I am.

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