Sunday night, 1/22/2012, I saw the tag above on the A train and it triggered these two paintings.  Something caused the line of the marker to split into two different lines.  I really liked how the overlapping of the lines created depth in a way that wouldn't happen if it was a solid line.  Based on staring at this for 20 minutes, I started a painting Monday morning and I progressed to a point where I felt like it was done.  It didn't seem right to finish a painting in a day, but I finished it within a couple hours and I was amped.  Sometimes the hardest decision is when to stop, especially with paintings like these.

1/23/2012 pt. 1

Building from the momentum of the first painting, I decided to try another one.  The pictures don't show the final orientation because I rotated it several times while I worked on it.  I'm building up a series of paintings to show with my drawings this Spring and I have a place to show them.  There is no date/time yet, so check back to ra-nyc.com, RA-NYC on Facebook or Twitter for more details.

1/23/2012 pt. 2