True Magic = #SleptOn @mosdefofficial

True Magic, Mos Def, 2006

[audio:|titles=06 A Ha]

I know this album is slept on because most people know about Mos Def, but have never heard of Dollar Day. There was a lot going on at that time like hurricanes and wars. Dollar Day focuses on Hurricane Katrina and it's too relevant to the time. Mos Def has always been able to make relevant music unique while maintaining his ranks within hip hop.  It's always amazing to me that as much recognition and respect Mos Def gets, it still doesn't seem like people fully appreciate how diverse his music is.

This will be short and sweet because there isn't much more to say about Mos Def that people don't already know, other than his name change and rumors of a Blackstar reunion. My question to you is did you know about True Magic? The album features solid remixes from the GZA/Genius and Juvenile and original production from Minnesota, The Neptunes, Preservation, Mos Def, DJ Epik & Mark Knoxx and Rich Harrison.  Tight production combined with fresh verses from Mos makes True Magic an album people should notice.  If this is news to you, now you know and knowing is half the battle............haha.

[audio:|titles=10 Sun, Moon, Stars]

[audio:|titles=05 Crime & Medicine]

[audio:|titles=12 Fake Bonanza]