Labor Days @aesoprockwins

Labor Days, Aesop Rock, 2001

[audio:|titles=09 Battery_Labor Days_Aesop Rock]

From a long forgotten time in hip hop, this album remains one of my favorite dark hip hop albums. Let me guess....its spring and people want to hear fresh, new music. Right? Well, there's plenty of time for that. Labor Days is the album that is home to the single, Coma, which I featured on a time lapse video project called Wait Your Turn.

[audio:|titles=05 No Regrets_Labor Days_Aesop Rock]

As always, I mix in album reviews of older albums to vary the blog content and to also pay respect to the music that #inspires me on a daily basis. As I said before, Labor Days is one of my favorite dark albums. A lot of my artwork is dark/abstract and albums like this help break the mold. Aesop Rock has a book heavy style that is as unquestionably unique as the quality of his voice is. From the words he chooses to the images he creates, Aesop Rock really creates a dark comic book-like experience that ranks up with other classics like Liquid Swords, The Sun Rises in the East, Nocturnal or Deltron 3030

If you're familiar with Jeremy Fish, you may have seen the album artwork for Aesop Rock's previous solo album, None Shall Pass. Art connected to hip hop is obviously of interest to me and the friendship of Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish makes too much sense. As a side note, Aesop Rock recently released a single (Zero Dark Thirty) from his upcoming album, Skelethon. Check out the YouTube page to download the single.