Cancer For Cure @therealelp

image Cancer For Cure, El-P, 2012

Its obvious that the whole Living Legends crew is heavily represented in my music library.  I caught the song called Drones Over Brooklyn back in the winter and used it in the RA-NYC recap of Sneaker Pimps, so I tried to keep an eye open for the full albums release date.  By the time I realized Cancer For Cure dropped, I saw El-P performing on the Letterman show from a bar TV somewhere in NYC.

Besides Drones Over Brooklyn, there are a few other songs that you should check out.  Oh Hail No is another solid track featuring Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire .  I can imagine a dope video for it because of its high energy.  The album opener, Request Denied is a classic up tempo El-P beat where he comes in with lyrics right when you believe its a fully instrumental track.  And the last song I'll include here is the familiar politically insensitive title, The Full Retard which is also the video above.  Its a hard hitting, bass heavy track that can test your subs, but the video is hilarious and low-fi, which works for one reason or another.