Fizzyology @termanologyst @famemop

Fizzyology, Lil Fame & Termanology 2012

Walking through NYC listening to Fizzyology is like witnessing urban warfare right before it starts and this album is the soundtrack. The raw aggression of Lil Fame from M.O.P. combined with the speedy and nimble lyrics of Termanology makes Fizzyology a perfect example of how you have to see the line between reality and fantasy in hip hop. If you know the style of these two mc's, you know how explicit they are. People unfortunately blind themselves to this version of hip hop that these storytellers portray.  Otherwise, this album would be on the top of the charts because the lyrics are far ahead of what's popular in 2012. Instead, underground heads with an affinity for 90's inspired hip hop have another album to hold them over until the next one comes along (that I haven't written about yet.....).