Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness @shadkmusic #slepton

Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness, Shad 2012


Once again, I revisited an artist I've been meaning to check out for a while now. After being impressed with Shad when I heard he was set to perform at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, I went in another direction only to come back to the London, Ontario native. The video posted on's homepage is a clear example of why you should pay attention to Shad. He clearly tells a story of how hip hop is the new "Blaxpoitation" and presents his commentary on African American identity, expectations and the over willingness to conform to cultural expectations portrayed in the media.  That's where a lot of people's eyes glaze over and move on to the next cookie cutter track, but I honestly believe it's what's needed in 2012.....  His unique perspective makes him a unique mc, as he was born in Rwanda, moved to Canada and lived in a first generation family of immigrants.


The album, Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness is a play on the album by the Smashing Pumkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness released in 1995. Comprised of a series of dope remixes, Shad put out a mixtape that does exactly what it should. It's not an album disguised as a mixtape and it makes you want to hear more of his music. His razor sharp, multi-rhyme bars do him justice on an eclectic arrangement of tracks (5 to be exact). Samples of Milli Vanilli, Prince and Lenny Kravitz, among others show how hip hop can still experiment and stay relevant. Check it out, download it for $FREE.99 here and enjoy!!!