Noteworthy Classic..........v8 #Tical @methodman (Videos)

Tical, Method Man 1994

There haven't been many artists that exploded into hip hop as raw as Method Man did (or the Wu-Tang Clan in general).  Anybody that remembers when 36 Chambers dropped knows the high level of talent Method Man had out of the gate.  You could literally hear the spit in his mouth and it was part of his style.   Everyone in Wu-Tang was talented and showed their skills but you could see that Method Man was hungry and that he was ready to make some noise with the Method Man single on 36 Chambers.

Tical is a dark, underground classic album that wouldn't get any airplay today.  The collabo with Mary J Blige is an all time classic hip hop video.  Rooftops, cityscapes, alleys, street shots and Method Man's raw style combined with RZA's production worked to perfection.  Bring The Pain was the first single from the album, but after 36 Chambers dropped, I looked for all featuring Method Man and nobody should forget, The What? on Ready To Die (Notorious B.I.G.).  The album art and logo design were also dope.  I drew it repeatedly back then.  Method Man had the hip hop world in his hands for a good portion of the 90's and nobody should forget that.  Respect due.........