#BRTHAN8TN Track No. 01 @chuuweetus

#BRTHAN8TN is a compilation album that I put together to highlight some of the best upcoming artists from across the country.  Beyond the album as a promotional tool for RA and for all the artists on the project, the goal is to put together a blog entry for each artist on the album in order of the tracks.

Track No. 1

I first heard of Chuuwee, by listening to ScienZe's project.  I definitely kept an eye on Chuuwee, so when I was thinking about artists from California to feature on the project, obviously Chuuwee's dope flow and style was something that came to mind quickly.  He sent a track quick too, so it was effortless.  Here's a dope project from Chuuwee where he pays homage to 90's hip hop.  He's in position to make some noise, so check out his work!

@chuuweetus Ronin