Soft Focus by Vanilla

Soft Focus, Vanilla  2012

If you love instrumental hip hop like I do, then it doesn't matter when the project was released.  There are so many producers out there, I think it's important to put the really talented one's out there to give them the recognition they deserve.  It's  not the glamorous side of hip hop but it's where most of the creativity is in the culture.  Vanilla is one of those artists that you will want to keep tabs on.  I've been listening to this project, Soft Focus for over a year now and it's still as dope as it was when I first heard it.  If you draw or do something creative and you need music to pass the time, this is the type of music that will definitely pull your attention away from your zone from time to time.  But if you let it add to the whole zone, then you'll see what I mean.  There's such high production value and a great flow to the project overall.  Make sure to check it out and download it from Bandcamp!