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Run The Jewels, Killer Mike & El-P, 2013

Let me start by saying that I love collaboration projects and Run The Jewels is the perfect example why I collaborate with other artists as much as possible.  Both El-P and Killer Mike are artists that I've written about in the past few years.  They're both individually dope, but the combination of the two together creates something special, unique and adds another layer to what they do as individual artists.  It's not like other music of the past two years.................

What makes the project interesting to me is that Run The Jewels was created as a response to Watch The Throne, the Jay Z/Kanye West collabo project. Knowing the work of all four of the artists from Run The Jewels and Watch the Throne, it won't be a surprise that Run the Jewels is more my style of hip hop. I didn't put in the effort to buy/download Watch The Throne and I didn't have to go out of my way to hear it either because it was everywhere. To go one step further, Fools Gold Records is also more of my style of label, in comparison to other bigger brands of hip hop making big noise these days like Top Dawg, Good Music or any other label out there in 2014. Independent, experimental, off the wall and there are ridiculously talented artists on Fools Gold Records.

Run the Jewels is one of those instant classic albums that so many more people should know about. The track titled Banana Clipper is probably my favorite track (f. Big Boi), but the heavy electronic sounds from El-P combined with the southern flow/drawl of Killer Mike makes you want more and they're coming with more in 2014! Stay tuned.


Run the Jewels has inspired me to know I'm digging it when it makes me want to draw......check it out at @ra_nyc on Instagram.