Spring Cleaning!!!!

There's a lot going on behind the scenes for RA-NYC.  Ronin recently was in an interview for an upcoming documentary about New Yorkers that is set to drop this coming summer.  It's perfect timing for RA-NYC because that's in the middle of the peak season for us.  On top of that, Ronin is planning a photo shoot, a promo video and get the new designs going for this spring and summer. We're also shaking things up with how the websites and Facebook pages are organized.  Beginning March 1, 2011, the Ronin Facebook fan page or "like" page, the Ronin Art Facebook profile  and www.21ronin.com will be deleted.  For all new artwork, custom decks or for updates for Ronin will come through RA-NYC.com or RA-NYC on Facebook.

As we speak, there's a line of pieces (drawings and paintings) to wrap up.  Stay tuned!!!!