BK!, Show and Prove and The Hall Pass Tour

Scienze, a mc from Brooklyn, NYC rocked RA-NYC's latest design, "BK!" at the Show and Prove battle presented by Brooklyn Bodega and 2dopeboyz.com.  The winner of the competition goes on to open for Q-Tip at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (underneath the Brooklyn Bridge).  Check out the photos from the show, courtesy of Robert Adam Mayer, http://www.robertadammayer.com/.

Previous to the Show and Prove event, I wrote about Scienze on www.boywithstick.com, highlighting an album that has constantly been in my rotation since I first heard of it, Her Favorite Subject.  This album was my intro to Scienze's work and since then, I've picked up his other projects, The Phone Tap(e), Ode 2 Dilla, Hall Pass and finally, his newest project called Simply Aesthetic. If you check out the links to these albums, you'll see that they are free.  Nothing tastes better than free food for thought and if you love hip hop as much as I do, you'll want to pick up all of these albums.  Each album is worth your time.

Some artists achieve status and decide to reach out after their stomachs have settled with their personal fortunes.  Thinking about the community, the youth and teaching people is an afterthought potentially due to boredom or selfishness through philanthropy.  Scienze is a hard working mc and he's teamed up with DJ Kraff Swagger, vocalist j.RENEÉ and Holley Monelle to put together The Hall Pass Tour.  Check out the trailer below.

The Hall Pass Tour, Trailer from Holley Monelle on Vimeo.


Musical talent, thoughtful outreach to youth teaching a positive message of education and great music to go along with it.  You can see why artists like Scienze deserve credit.  Make sure to check out his pages and if you like the music, download them and show your support.