Miss Van

Miss Van. While wandering through the streets of Barcelona and Paris, I was able to find out about a lot of street artists. I would have never heard of them if I didn't decide to take the trip, so I'm glad I did. Miss Van is an artist with a ton of feminine and unique characters. In Barcelona, street art is all over the place and I remember coming across one of her pieces in El Raval. There was an outdoor cafe and across the very narrow street from the cafe, there was one of Miss Van's pieces on the corner of an old building.  Our design studio walked the neighborhood for a project that we worked on in the neighborhood, so I had to stop and take a quick photo.  Later, I found out that the character I saw was one of hundreds around the world from the notorious Miss Van (see photo below). She has a lot more work on her website.  Check out the rest of of her work here.