Seak One Graffiti

Seak One Graffiti. I was lucky to spend around 4 months in Europe (Paris, Barcelona, Genoa, Rome, Florence and I visited several other cities, but for less time).  While I was in Barcelona, I stayed in Poblenou, which is a neighborhood that is being redeveloped for Barcelona's 22@ project.  The  neighborhood is in the process of being converted from industrial to commercial.  The spot where I lived was about 2 minutes from the beach, but there was a Hall of Fame right across the street from my apartment on the way to the beach. I snapped a million pictures while this train-less yard changed from week to week, but there was one piece that really grabbed my attention.  I first noticed the style of the abstract piece and I later found out who it was created by.  The photo above is a photo from this hall of fame and the artist is Seak One. He has an amazing style and he has unbelievable can control with style to spare. If you have a second, it is worth your time to search him on Flickr or just see what comes up on your Google image search results.

Much respect to Seak One!