The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yeah Man, VerBS

The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yeah Man, VerBS, 2010

If you haven't listened to the album by MURS and 9th Wonder called Fornever, you should get a taste on ITunes, Amazon or wherever you go to sample music.  The second track on Fornever is a song called "The Lick" featuring MURS and an artist named VerBS.  It is a funny track that sets a great tone for the album.  VerBS plays tag team with MURS and they tell stories about a trip to the corner store and stuck up girls that won't walk to the liquor store because they are scared of the neighborhood.  It's one of my favorite tracks on the abum and it was my introduction to VerBS.

Whenever an artist catches my attention and I haven't heard of them before, I do a couple searches (MySpace and Google) to get more info. I found VerBs on MySpace and Facebook. About a month later, he put the word out about his new album, there wasn't any doubt if I would check it out.

The first thing that I noticed about VerBs is his sense of humor.  "The Lick", he was an perfect example of this.  He seems like the laid back funny friend that always wants to have a good time. VerBS starts off The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yeah Man with a song called, well, "Stop Acting Like a Douche". It's a simple, light-hearted, instrumental track. VerBS and a vocalist improvise and you can hear that they are smiling. In hip hop, it's rare that mc's make you laugh/smile. VerBS lryics are funny, self conscious at times, serious at other times and creatively visual for the rest of the time. Just to be clear, being conscious isn't a bad thing.

The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yeah Man is a really good intro to an artist with a unique sound and style.  He seems like a well grounded and accessible, which is not a common characteristic of mc's/rappers of 2010. I have to follow that up by pointing out that just because VerBS is acessible, it does not mean that he is commercial.

I had to re-write this blog entry because I accidentally made a very stipid mistake. I thought the album only had 7 tracks because I tried to load the tracks on my mp3 player before all of the tracks uploaded to Windows Media Player. I'm glad I went back and checked the track list because how stupid would I look if I didn't even listen to or write about the album after hearing the whole album?

FEATURED TRACK The track that I chose to feature is called "1,2,3,4" featuring Versis and Sevenday and produced by Jilsted.  It is a good collaboration with a solid beat.

[audio:|titles=13 1,2,3,4 ft Versis & Sevenday (prod. Jlisted)]

Top Tracks (16 of 17) Stop Acting Like a Douche, Trail, Gifted, Superhero, Journey to Fame, Sing My Song, I'm On, I Just Think You're Cool, Gravitation, What We Do, Pass the Tea, 1-2-3-4, Comfortable, Go Go Go, Bitches and One Day.


VerBS on Bandcamp (free download)

VerBS on MySpace