Save Bewler! Part 1.....10.18.2010

This morning something happened on the train that reminded me of why I love living in NYC. On the trains, you have musicians, comedians and your future preachers practicing their delivery. This morning on the A train, there was a guy leading prayer and song on the train. Ok, besides the fact that he was the preacher and the choir, his voice was so bad that I had to interrupt Fashawn's Boy Meets World, for half of a second. I think I have seen this guy on the train before, but I miraculously forgot about him. He sounded like Magoo on helium. If you don't know who Magoo is, he was teamed up with Timbaland when they cracked the surface around 2000. And if you don't know who Timbaland is, there isn't much that I can do for you.

Another reason I love living in NYC is that you have the opportunity to go to events like the one I went to last night, (10/18/2010). Rugz D Bewler was featured on the Ski Beatz album, 24 Hour Karate School on a track called "Super Bad". On this night, Rugz D Bewler released a mixtape called The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly at a listening party in Damon Dash's gallery, DD172 in Tribeca. I caught wind of this  party from Sean Phazes and I figured that I had to go.

I was working on some drawings at my 9-5 and the event was supposed to start at 7. So, I had to finish up quick and rush to the party.  I should have known that 7pm meant 830, but I was actually on time. What was I thinking?  The night started out with the producers  from Rugz's album (Grand Staff) DJ-ing while people assembled in the gallery. I snapped some photos of the space while people filed in. I made a trip to the basement and Ski Beatz was experimenting on the MPC and an MC named J. Philippe gave me a sample of her skills over the Ski Beatz production in the background.  I left impressed as I made my way back upstairs and after a little while, Rugz cut the reception off at the knees and he directed everyone to go downstairs for the live performances.

After the crowd settled in downstairs, there was an unexpected surprise. There were bands from China that all had really interesting and unique sounds. The styles ranged from rock to punk, but the bass lines and drums were heavily influenced by hip hop and funk. I put the bands links at the end for your listening pleasure.  Nothing can beat the live performances, so if you have a chance, I would buy tickets to see any of the artists from this night.

If you aren't familiar with the sounds that Ski Beatz makes, there is soul, an oriental flare and a diverse mixture of analog and digital instruments. The albums to check out are Curren$y's Pilot Talk and 24 Hour Karate School.

I get the impression that the goal is to mesh Rugz D Bewler into the outfit and this mixtape, The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly is a progress set of tracks. The common thread that meshes Curren$y, Rugz D Bewler, Tabi Boney and Nesby Phips is the use of off beat lyrics.  I won't get into it too far because the review of the mixtape will come in Part Two of the Save Bewler listening party.

The listening party was a success in my opinion.  A gallery setting and a basement performance.  Can't beat it!


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