Save Bewler Part 2....The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly

The listening party was a good time and I have pictures to prove it.  The memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly was the whole reason for going to the listening party though.  Since Superbad was my favorite track on 24 Hour Karate School and it was my first time hearing of Rugz D Bewler, I had mixed expectations for the mixtape.  I approached it with an open mind though.


A skit on the album matches the intro that Rugz gave at the party and he makes you relate off the bat.  he tells the story of Ferris Bueller and how the teachers wanted him to fail.  He uses this as an analogy for his career in hip hop and the basis for his name.  Rugz's lyrical style is laid back, smart, funny and he has a unique way of switching up his flow.  Versatile.  Rugz has a  refreshingly genuine approach that is strong and personable.  He's from Harlem and I would  never guess that he was from New York because he doesn't have the thick accent.  I'm not saying that a NY accent is a good or bad thing.  I live in Brooklyn and the accents that I'm better at identifying are Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island.

Rugz D. Bewler can switch it up with content and rhythm.  On this mixtape, he raps about girls, struggles, smoking, overcoming and wisdom that he gained in his life.  For some artists, mixtapes are like basic training.  I think the Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly is a good mixtape and I would like to see a full EP from Rugz because I think Rugz has a "strong pitch" as Ray, a guy from my neighborhood says.  My extra two cents is that I like the combination of Bewlers' flow with the more up-tempo tracks.  The slower songs are good, but I have to be in the right mood to listen to them.  Just my opinion.

Featured Track

We're Good.  It's a laid back, upbeat track with a steel drum effect stacked on top.  It's a cool bass heavy song that makes you want to drive aimlessly.  There are obviously other ideas in the song, but it's not the only good part.  I was surprised by this track because Bewler uses his voice in a way that isn't exactly singing, but it's melodic.  Whem mc's do this too much, I usually loose interest, but when they throw it in the mix every now and then, I can appreciate it.  In my opinion, Rugz does it in a way that doesn't sound like a crossover artist (aka a rapper that thinks they can sing but really can't).  The strength of his flow combined with the fact that he is having fun makes the mixtape well worth your time.  If you enjoy enjoying music, Save Bewler:  The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc'Fly is for you!

[audio:|titles=Track 11, We're Good, The Memoirs of Muhammad Mc;Fly, Rugz D. Bewler]


Ski Beatz (ft. Rugz D Bewler) - "SUPER BAD" from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Rugz D. Bewler "Just Bewler" - OFFICIAL from EBK on Vimeo.


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