Nelson from the STC Crew (Sexy Toys Club)

There is something deep in my psychology that loves 3d graffiti.  It combines a few of my interests/passions all into a vivid display of technique, skill and creativity.  I'm an artist, architect and designer, so when I see something that can be very flat, (like graffiti somtimes can be) become three dimensional, it really catches my eye when done right.

Nelson is a graffiti writer from Eastern France and he has spent some time in Spain writing as well.  Graffiti really has been heading toward the gallery since Basquiat cracked surface back in the 80's.  It makes sense because people have to eat, right?!  Creative people have to find ways to get paid to do what they love and graffiti is no exception.  Many graffiti artists become graphic designers, photographers or other creative professions, like architecture.  Nelson has been selling his work in galleries for a few years now.  He also does commissioned paintings or murals for private clients/companies.

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