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If you are into street art, you most likely know about Os Gemeos, from Brazil.  They (a two person team consisting of twins, or Os Gemeos in Portugese) have such a unique style that is representative of Brazil, which is a large player in the international (and online) art community that they have very large commissions all over the world.  They have done solo shows all over the world and they have been featured in just about every major blog or magazine that publishes street art and graffiti as well.

They have plenty of exposure, but there are a lot of people unfamiliar with the street art world don't know of them.  Their signature style of portraying their characters is so strong that once you've seen their work, you will recognize it the next time you are confronted with it.  They usually paint yellow people with elongated arms, enlarged heads and they consistently use pattern on the clothing of these characters.  Enjoy and keep an eye out!




How and Nosm

What started out as a simple observation of a dope mural on E. 14th Street in the city ended up as my newly found favorite artist(s); How and Nosm.  I saw the mural above and took a quick picture on my phone.  It ended up being the background on my phone for a while and a few months later, I saw this artist featured in Juxtapoz and it solidified my appreciation for their artwork.

How and Nosm are a set of twins that work together on large scale murals and paintings as well.  They are German/Spanish but the most interesting part to me is their style and the fact they work together to make one piece.




At first glance, Kofie's geometric paintings may simply look like abstract modernist paintings.  But, when you look closer and see it in context with other media from Kofie, you can see the different influences in his work.  Below, you can see a mural by Kofie at Art Basel 2011, in Miami, FL.

Architecture, graffiti, modern are all present in Kofie's work.  His website is titled, keepdrafting.com.  I remember hearing/reading somewhere that one of his influences is Lebbeus Woods.  He's an illustrator, painter, designer, muralist and even dabbles in photography.  He also has worked with several hip hop artists, so you can see how coming across an artist like Kofie really made an impression on me.



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Nelson from the STC Crew (Sexy Toys Club)

There is something deep in my psychology that loves 3d graffiti.  It combines a few of my interests/passions all into a vivid display of technique, skill and creativity.  I'm an artist, architect and designer, so when I see something that can be very flat, (like graffiti somtimes can be) become three dimensional, it really catches my eye when done right.

Nelson is a graffiti writer from Eastern France and he has spent some time in Spain writing as well.  Graffiti really has been heading toward the gallery since Basquiat cracked surface back in the 80's.  It makes sense because people have to eat, right?!  Creative people have to find ways to get paid to do what they love and graffiti is no exception.  Many graffiti artists become graphic designers, photographers or other creative professions, like architecture.  Nelson has been selling his work in galleries for a few years now.  He also does commissioned paintings or murals for private clients/companies.

Make sure to link up with the STC Crew and get updates of their work.


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