Behind the Scenes Photos of RA-NYC Presents Film Series

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Next up for the ongoing film series, RA-NYC Presents is a music and promo video for RA-NYC's newest design called Trees.  The featured mc, JohnNY U. of O.I.S.D. is set to release a new project soon called Thorned Roses  and the track called The Product is it's first single and the latest collabo project for RA-NYC.  The video was filmed, directed and edited by Sean Phazes and I (Ronin) snapped a few photos to document the process.  Stay tuned for more details!

The video highlights Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, JohnNY U./The Product, the art of music videos and of course RA-NYC t-shirts.






RA-NYC Photo Shoot in Bed-Stuy, BK

This is the first release of images from the latest RA-NYC photo shoot featuring The Blob, BK!, Raw Bones and Rush!.  We had a chill day while getting these photos.  It was great to work with the great team of people and we'll be looking to work together in the future. Credits: Photographer: Jorge J. Delgado Models: Devin Reinhardt Dave Trageser Racquel Collinson Tyler Cavallero Make Up: Deanna Sacco Hair: Cassie Kussman Producer: Ronin

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There are a couple exciting projects coming up soon, but we won't get ahead of ourselves.  Stay tuned and go pick up the tees.  BK! will be available in the RA-NYC online shop starting May 1, 2011.  Get ready because sizes and quantities are limited!


Upcoming Photo Shoot and More.....

Photo Shoot and Promo Video Spring is coming around the corner and it's time to get things moving.  In the next couple weeks, you'll be able to see images from the next RA-NYC photo shoot which is a collaborative project between Ronin from RA-NYC and JD Delgado, a fellow contributor at  Within the next month, you'll be able to see RA-NYC's new promo video in collaboration with Mike "Boogs" D'Angelo from Boogie Down Films.


I really utilize Facebook to expose people to my artwork.  Before, I had two pages, one for my artwork and the other for RA-NYC.  To simplify, I moved everything to the RA-NYC Facebook page and the same goes for  From now on, all of my artwork will be posted here at

Custom Decks

At Sneaker Pimps, I met the owner of The Pizza Shop in Petersburg, VA and I agreed to make a custom deck for his shop.  The deck has generated some interest and it fits perfectly into RA-NYC's brand.  So, over spring and summer 2011, I will be creating one of a kind custom decks for sale right here on  Stay tuned!