Bloomsday by @esbe88

If you've heard the two music projects I've put together, you would know I'm a fan of Esbe's music (BRTH A N8TN and The Red).  Recently he released a project called Bloomsday and it's something you should definitely support.  Bloomsday's sound is smooth, creative and classic.  High quality production gets Esbe thousands of streams on SoundCloud, but he has a perfect balance of familiarity and creativity that makes the music feel right.  The element of surprise comes from his ability to make it all feel new and comfortable.   I spent a few days wondering London, recording my experiences and I had Bloomsday on repeat.  Naturally, the video project will feature his music, but it's what Esbe's style of music inspires me to do.  Check out the project by clicking the album artwork above, download at BandCamp and enjoy!