Las Vegas Bvld EP @itsxmusic #hiphop #kidswithgunz

Man.  The video X dropped today hit me by surprise.  Since I first heard MyFwenz, I knew I like X's voice and lyrics, but this little EP and video impressed me.  If you want a few tracks for free, make sure to click the album artwork and follow the links.

I'm a couple weeks late on the project, but it's dope from beginning to end.  His voice and storytelling reminds me of Dotropolis (Chicago), but that's a compliment because I listen to Native  all the time.  I'm listening to the EP now and I suggest you do too.

Ronin @ra_nyc

#BRTHAN8TN TRACK NO. 08 @KidsWiffGunz @Its_X @toxsikk @jayeightynine @HackTheMack


Track No. 08 comes from a talented group of artists from Las Vegas, NV.  Kids With Gunz consists of Jay 89, Toxsikk, Hack The Mack, Huc Finn and X.  My My Fwendz has been on my IPhone consistently since I first found out about the project this spring.  Their track on BRTH A N8TN, kwjesus puts lays a soul sample and each emcee does their thing!  Make sure to check out their track on BRTH A N8TN and grab your copy of My Fwendz below.

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125th St, Rugz, Phazes & RA-NYC

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] Serving as a preview to an upcoming video collaboration project with Rugz D Bewler and Sean Phazes, here are some of the many photographs from behind the scenes.  I'm looking forward to it, so I'll make sure to keep you posted on when it drops.



Harlem, Frozen #inspired

Harlem, NYC Sometimes, I use photography as a tool to explore places.  Freezing time and capturing a fraction of a second is one way of understanding the world.  My background is in architecture and sometimes architects approach the world as if it's static because it allows us to focus on the nature of buildings.  Photographing city life has always been an interest of mine because it connects architecture to people and every day life.  The following photos are from one day wandering through Harlem, NYC in research for the Woosah video and the "X" t-shirt design collaboration.


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