The Impossible Kid @aesoprockwins #HIPHOP

It should be no surprise that I'm a fan of Aesop Rock.  He's the type of hip hop artist that can rap about drawing or painting and I buy it.  Sometimes artists try really hard to be the creative outcast, but most times, they aren't successful (not Aesop Rock).  Since None Shall Pass, Aesop Rock released Skelethon, a few collaboration projects including Lice with Homeboy Sandman and now The Impossible Kid.  The visual artists that created the album art for the last three projects were Jeremy Fish (None Shall Pass and Lice), Aryz (Skelethon) and now Alex Pardee (The Impossible Kid).  Album art says a lot about a project and I follow the work of all three of these artists.

The Impossible Kid was produced by Aesop Rock who has been developing his signature producing skills since I first realized he produced a significant number of his tracks back on the Felt 3 project with Slug and Murs.  Def Jux days had Aesop Rock rapping over El-P and Blockhead beats here and there, but if you've heard those projects, the vibes can be dark, sometimes melancholy and also heavy hitters.  The Impossible Kid isn't as melancholy or dark, but there is still a undercurrent of eerie sounds that make it a continuation of Aesop Rock's overall body of work while reaching into new directions.

Speaking of Aesop Rock's production credits, there is another project that was just released with Blueprint called Vigilante Genesis.  Make sure to check it out as well via the link below.   Vigilante Genesis EP on BandCamp  




Human @joellortiz @illmindproducer #hiphop #summer2015 #brooklyn

Human, Joell Ortiz & !llmind 2015

With so much hype focused around pointless and bar-less beef out right now, it's probably important to remind people that there is actually some dope new music out to listen to.  Real artists, real music no fake hype.

Human could be a one-off collabo projects that connect two individually dope artists, or it could be the start of an ongoing collabo that hip hop desperately needs more of.  I think the duo could benefit by creating a name for the collaboration, alla Deltron 3030, Phryme, Random Axe and Run the Jewels.  The lyrics are dope as usual and Joell Ortiz sounds recharged with new perspective.  Meanwhile !llmind continues to innovate sounds experimenting with the current trap drums with the boom bap beats that made his name working with Kanye, Little Brother, Skyzoo among others.

Six Fo' is my favorite track that flips a Deltron 3030 track (Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Kid Koala and Dan the Automator) into a banger creating the setting for Ortiz to wild out on.  Yaoowa!!

It's something special to walk Brooklyn streets and cross paths with artists that I listen to (and respect).  It says something about the artists that don't think they're too big to take their dogs on walks.  !llmind and Ortiz are both in Brooklyn, but Ortiz represents it often and is unapologetic.

 !llmind started his record label, RMG and I'm curious to see the artists he signs.  Collectively the two artists could pull in big names, but this project doesn't boast an all-star list of featured artists.  Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz, Chris Rivers, Father Dude and Jared Evan are the featured artists on two of the eleven tracks.

It's a dope project.....check it out!


The Good Fight @oddisee #hiphop

The Good Fight, Oddisee 2015

If this is the first time you hear the name Oddisee, you have some homework to do.  My introduction to Oddisee's music happened back in 2008 via his Mental Liberation project.  From the beginning, I could tell there was something unique/different about his music.  Maybe it's the fact that he is equally an mc and a producer with a very high overall quality of music.  Maybe it's the work ethic and soul from his Sudanese roots filtering through Oddisee's lyrics.  Or maybe it's a unique mc coming from an under represented hip hop scene (Washington DC) that offers a glimpse into a new city.  Maybe it's the creative photography and the traveling artist lifestyle presented on social media.  Or maybe it's all of the above......

The Good Fight is a diary of an entrepreneurial independent hip hop artist in 2015.  This includes resisting the impulse to assimilate your identity to the small minded mainstream in order to succeed, while maintaining s creative edge and staying motivated.  This includes balancing his potential to help those close to them, while keeping his best interests in mind.  It also subliminally includes the humility of an artist that launched Mello Music Group.  Mello Music Group is a place to find extremely talented artists, so if you don't know, now you know.  These are just a few of the ideas presented in The Good Fight, so check it out for the rest.  In addition to having an intelligent, creative and musically talented artist sharing their life through art, it's all positive.  At no point of The Good Fight do you feel negativity.  No sob stories.  No club songs.  No heartbreak stories of ex's cheating........just real life music.



Void.Spirit.Sound @jdotodot @quintonkilgoeII

Void.Spirit.Sound is a collaborative EP between J. Manifesto (mc), Qman1 (producer)
and Ronin (Executive Producer/graphic design/director/cinematographer/editor).
Another video for the track, “Represent” featuring Lafayette Stokely is in the initial
stages of planning.  Make sure to stream/download the project and watch the video.