Black Jungle Squad @Jeremiahjae

1989201258-1 Black Jungle Squad, Yellow Mask Collective, 2013

A friend sent me a link to the video below (Peace by Raja Black and Jeremiah Jae) and it started a search for the artists that created it.  It wasn't as easy as you'd expect and I'm not sure if it's because each artist has 5 names or I'm just completely dyslexic at this point.  The album embedded below is the Yellow Mask Collective's album released last month called Black Jungle Squad.  I'm still working on getting the mc's voices/styles down, but the style is off kilter, dark and sounds like what you would get if you made a hybrid of MF Doom and Havoc from Mobb Deep.  It's definitely something to take note of.  I imagine they will be making some noise in hip hop in this country soon enough.