RA-NYC Presents: Behind the Scenes of "Hero"

RA-NYC promotes by collaborating with artists for the common good.  In the past months, this video by ScienZe and King I Divine, called "Hero" is a great example.  ScienZe and King I Divine are rocking RA-NYC tees exclusively throughout the entire video.  Check it out and help spread the word!




New RA-NYC design now available called #Recess!!!! @sene718 @clubhousebeats

Here are some photos from a collaboration project that I've been working on for a couple months now.  You would be surprised at the amount of work it takes to do some of these collaboration projects, but in the end, I think the work is more important than pushing subpar work out.  I originally wrote about Recess back in a blog post in 2011 and it turned into designing tees for them.

I met with Sene and Cooper of Recess at a coffee shop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn back in November.  Knowing all the crazy plans I already had for the end of the year, I was expecting this to be done two months ago.  But, things had a way of pushing it back.  At the meeting, we talked about turning letters into band members, band members into instruments and letters into instruments.  The discussion about the look for the artwork included John Lennon sketches/paintings, so I knew I would be drawing throughout this process.  I ended up turning different combinations of instruments into people and animals. I ended up drawing three characters and since each character really has a dual nature (person/animal and instruments), I figured that it worked for the 6 band members.

These designs are rare, so if you like one, get it while it's available in your size.  By the way, they will be available next week.


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